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08.02.2005 13:10:41
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Looking to leech as much free information as I can here. We're a smallish Canadian shop using KC3 and XMD and I'm looking for a way to improve our BOM's. Currently XMD can generate a BOM in a somewhat pretty graphical format but that doesn't allow me to copy individual lines from it and paste those into an excel workbook. We can generate the BOM as an Excel file, but it's really not very pretty, just colums, with no headings, which makes it somewhat difficult for purchasing to interpret.

I'm just the IT contact here, not the designer, so my knowledge of KC3 is pretty limited. What I'd like to know is if this Excel sheet that KC3 and XMD generate is done from a template that I can modify (I haven't been able to find one), or if someone out there has created a really nice BOM that they'd be willing to share, or if anyone knows of a nice BOM generator that works with KC3.

Les Kerekes
Lamko Tool & Mold Inc.
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