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26.02.2005 11:33:11
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I will be seeing a Demo of XMD on Mar 1st. Anybody have any insight or input about that software that will help me ask intelligent questions???? I looked into it for (Ver 99)but could convince the boss the benefits of buying at that time.
Does it still work the same way or have they adapted it to use the assembly structure in KC.

I appreciate any input from those more knowledgable than myself.

Kurt T


Kurt Tondreau

Northwest Lower Michigan

Cadkey/Keycreator user since Ver 5.0 (DOS)

Moldmaker / Designer

P4 2.66Mhz, 1.5 G Ram, 64 M Nvidia,

01.03.2005 08:16:33
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Hello Kurt
I can't help you with XMD. I would like to
invite you to try Softmold. You can download
a 30 day demo that runs in KC3 at
If you need it for KC4 send me an email and I will sent
you a link to the new version.

08.03.2005 08:21:56
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It's been adapted to work with KC3, but the KC4 version has yet to be released. I don't know much about the software, beyond the fact that it reduces our design time significantly. Prolly dozens of hours on a single job, hundreds of hours a year. The only problem we have with XMD is the time between a new release of KC and the compatible version of XMD. There's been several months between the two, our designers wont use one without the other.

I'm not a designer, just the IT Guy here.
02.06.2005 13:29:18
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Hi Lester,

XMD for KeyCreator 4 was released in March of 2005. We released XMD 4 only a few weeks after KeyCreators version was released. I don't think that was excessively long, considering the number of new features in the software. If for some reason you do not have this release please let us know and we will make sure you get it.


If you like I can supply you with a list of XMD users you can contact to ask them what they think of the software.

Very Best Regards,



02.06.2005 13:42:22
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The wait time for for XMD for KC3 was longer than 4, regardless, I'm just an impatient person, and a little impetuouse at times. I get a new version of something and I just have to try it. Having to wait, even just one week, for companion software, makes me twitchy.

While we're on the subject of complainets, I like the fact that our supplier will ship us one copy of XMD for our 9 users, but feels the need to ship us 9 copies of Key Creator. I only need one. When I asked about this once, long ago, I was told that many users prefer multiple copies. Can't imagine why, though.

stepping off the soapbox now

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